Bea Nelson-Stanley was an old woman living at the Lavender Lawns nursing home. She suffered from Alzheimer's disease and often thought of her deceased husband, prompting her to forget when she was; she often chatted with people that weren't around her from her past.

Her husband, Edgar Nelson-Stanley, was an archaeologist, and he had found some kind of talisman during a dig in Syria. They were found by the second of the Gorgons and she was turned to stone before her husband managed to slay it. She was returned to flesh soon after by the talisman.

By the time she reached her golden years, Bea had lost her husband and was moved to Lavender Lawns due to being unable to take care of herself properly. She hid the talisman in a tree before her Alzheimer's got too bad. She began seeing one of the nuns controlled by the third Gorgon, who was looking for the talisman, and raised enough of a fuss to have Sarah Jane Smith, Maria Jackson, Luke Smith and Clyde Langer pay a visit.

She gave Luke the talisman while in a brief pause from her alzheimer's disease, but soon forgot. While being interviewed by Sarah Jane, she mentioned things from the past that involved aliens. Later, Maria tried her best to help her remember what she did to stop the Gorgon in the past and Maria's lack of confidence in finding her true love one day brought Bea back to the present long enough to give Maria a mirror to counter the Gorgon's petrification.

After Alan Jackson was restored to normal, Bea was given the talisman for safe-keeping, originally remembering the danger it posed until Sarah Jane told her the Gorgon was dead. After putting the talisman on, Bea could hear the voice of her husband telling her that he loved her, much to her shock.

She also mentioned that her husband had met the Sontarans, stating they were the "silliest-looking race in the galaxy" as they looked like "a baked potato with a ray gun". (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

Bea Nelson-Stanley and Edgar Nelson-Stanley saw wonderful things, among them people made of light, mermaids leaping with dolphins, and young Yetis frolicking in the snow. (PROSE: Eye of the Gorgon)

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