Be Good for Goodness's Sake was the eleventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The History of Christmas. It was written by Samantha Baker. It featured the Eighth Doctor.


David Gilligan has broken into a family's home, having watched them leave the house on their way to a relative's home for Christmas. While he is in an upstairs bedroom, he hears the family return, as the snow has made the roads impassible.

Accompanying the family is a man they picked up on the road. He introduces himself as the Doctor, and explains that his friend is at a disco. The Doctor encounters David on the stairs, and pretends to the family that this is his friend "Charlie".

He takes David aside and warns him to return the valuables he has taken. David realises he had been trying to steal the family's happiness, yet they are willing to share with strangers. David joins the Doctor and the family for Christmas dinner.




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