Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars was an intergalactic television show which aired on Planet Karaoke and was viewed by billions. It was a music competition show in which those who performed badly were killed by a laser cannon. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald were forced to enter after Clara accidentally insulted the planet's monarch. (COMIC: The Meddling of Clara's Song) During that episode, an Ood was vaporised, a band consisting of five different incarnations of the Master tried to hypnotise the viewers but were disqualified after squabbling broke out between them, and Clara cut the power before the Doctor could begin playing the drums, allowing them to escape. After that, the show was cancelled due to all-time lowest viewing figures. (COMIC: The Abominable Showmen, The Five Masters, One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday)

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