The Battle of Hope Valley was a battle in the 9th century between a human army and a Dalek reconnaissance scout. (TV: Resolution)

History Edit

The Bloodiest of Battles Edit

Recon scout defeated

The recon scout is defeated. (TV: Resolution)

In the 9th century, a Dalek reconnaissance scout came to Earth with the intention of claiming the planet for the Dalek Empire. To defeat the Dalek, an army of former enemies banded together. The army fought "the bloodiest of battles" against the Dalek, suffering massive casualties. Finally, the army managed to trap the Dalek in netting and set its casing on fire, destroying it and "only just" won the battle. However, the Kaled mutant inside was not destroyed in the fire. (TV: Resolution)

Division of the enemy Edit

Because of the fear the Dalek had instilled in its enemies, the warriors that would become known as the Three Custodians cut the Kaled mutant into three pieces with the plan to bury them at opposite ends of the world and forever guard the burial sites as a precaution to prevent the Dalek from ever returning. Two of the pieces ended up on Anuta Island in the South Pacific and Siberia, Russia. However, while crossing the area that would one day become Sheffield, the third Custodian was killed, preventing him from carrying out his task. The third piece of the Dalek was left with the Custodian's body where he fell and remained there for over a thousand years. (TV: Resolution)

Aftermath Edit

Guarding the pieces Edit

Over the next millennium, the Dalek's pieces were guarded by the Order of the Custodians, the descendants of two of the original Custodians who remained unaware of the fate of their third companion. The Battle of Hope Valley became a legend with at least one book being written about it while pieces of the Dalek's casing were recovered at some point including its gunstick and sold on the black market. (TV: Resolution)

Restoration of the Dalek Edit

In 2018, the body of the Lost Custodian was discovered under in the sewers beneath Sheffield Town Hall and it was turned into an archeological dig funded by the Order of the Custodians. On January 1, 2019, the piece of the Dalek held by the Lost Custodian was uncovered by Lin and Mitch and exposed to ultraviolet light which reawakened the Dalek. Using a spatial shift, the Dalek was able to pull itself back together and resumed its mission of conquest of planet Earth.

The Dalek's actions drew the attention of the Thirteenth Doctor and Team TARDIS who investigated and quickly determined what they were dealing with. The Dalek was able to rebuild its casing using recovered pieces of the original casing that it "patched it with all sort of spare parts, mainly metal" and attempted to signal the Dalek Fleet to take Earth. However, the Dalek's casing was burned by the Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan, Graham O'Brien, Lin, Mitch and Aaron Sinclair using parts of a microwave oven, taking inspiration from how the Dalek was defeated during the Battle of Hope Valley. Though the Kaled mutant itself survived, it was finally destroyed when the Doctor ejected it from the TARDIS into a supernova. (TV: Resolution)

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