The Battle of Cratosi Fields was a battle during the War in Heaven.

During the war between the Jackal and the Falcon, Apep was misplaced on the Fields of Cratosi. Thinking that Apep could be a useful weapon against the Great Houses, Mother and Father of the Shadow Spire sent a garrison of skulltroopers, including Intrepid, to the Fields in a supposed training exercise. However, before Apep could be recovered, a small militia of Eighth Wave soldiers arrived and engaged the Faction agents.

Due to the resultant clash between timeship weapons and alter-time states, the battle was trapped in a frozen second, abandoned by both sides. The Homeworld fleet abandoned the blue sphere, and it drifted through the Spiral Politic before being recovered and sold at the First Auction in Heaven as a lawn ornament. In an effort to rescue Intrepid, Kifah offered the Faction's Type 75 timeship key, but the offer was withdrawn by Father before it was counted. Finally, the Ice Heiress traded it for the Diamond's Brood.

After breaking away from Mother and Father, Kifah and Gustav recovered the Frozen Battle from the Ice Heiress, but it cracked open and unfolded upon the auction, releasing Apep, who armoured itself with loa by killing Auteur. The Faction skulltroopers and House Military soldiers worked together to fight Apep; it was finally defeated when Cortalian's and Gustav's biodata attracted away the loa, leaving it defenseless to being defined by a Homeworlder's gaze. Kifah, Intrepid, and Gustav then left in the Type 74 timeship. (PROSE: Going Once, Going Twice)

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