Battle for the Moon was the last story in The Dalek Book, a Dalek annual of the 1960s.


Earth rejoices at the surrender of the Daleks while Jeff Stone pilots his spaceship near the Moon, accompanied by Mary Stone and Andy Stone. Suddenly they detect the presence of Daleks on the Moon and must eject from the spaceship before the Daleks destroy it. The Daleks chase the ejector craft in hovabouts and Jeff forces one down to the surface.

Jeff and Andy question the Dalek, but it is unresponsive. They find printed plans for a Megla-Ray, which would form a gravity field forcing billions of tons of dust and rocks to Earth. Andy realises that the Daleks will detonate the old nuclear weapons dumped on the Moon by Earth over the years to create the debris that the Megla-Ray will send to Earth. Meanwhile, Mary takes an atomic motor from the ejector ship to sabotage the detonation. The Daleks planned to detonate the bombs during the solar eclipse in two hours, but Mary rigged the explosion to occur an hour earlier. As they escape in the ejector craft, the explosion destroyed the Daleks.

At the end of the story, they plan the plan to get a new space craft once they return to Earth to continue searching for Daleks.




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