Veklin and Strato used a Battle TARDIS to take Susan Campbell to Gallifrey (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence) after she answered a hypercube sent by the Time Lords calling her to join the Last Great Time War. In Susan's home, its chameleon circuit made it appear to be a wardrobe. (AUDIO: All Hands on Deck)

Mid-flight, the TARDIS was hijacked by Daleks, who killed Strato. Veklin and Susan fell back to the TARDIS's secondary control room and ejected themselves, managing to return to Gallifrey, even if the room fell apart. The Daleks hacked into the TARDIS and used it to drain power from the Eye of Harmony. With the Time Lords unable to remotely reassume control of the TARDIS, they sought out the Sensorites for aid who managed to override the Daleks' controls and trigger the self-destruct via the telepathic circuits. (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence)

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