Battle Planet was the first story in the 1985 Doctor Who annual, and thus the first Doctor Who annual story to feature the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

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The Sixth Doctor believes he's landed the TARDIS on Exar 3, but instead the Ship has been captured by the Debans, one of two warring species on the planet Belstar. Ranon, their leader, gives the Doctor no choice but to complete a task: go to the Nomed Zone deep within enemy Siros territory and retrieve a blue rock from the Crypt of Primo. Since the TARDIS is trapped by the Debans' Galactic Co-ordinator Intercept, the Doctor and Peri have little choice but to obey. Dodging the Siros' CP10 gunfire, they eventually make it to the blue rock, retrieve it, and return it without issue to Ranson. Honouring his word, the Deban leader releases the TARDIS, and the duo leave.

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  • Though production errors are rare in print, this story contains a pretty obvious one. In one paragraph, the tower in which the blue rock is found is called the "Tower of Selsor", which is then described as having the "Crypt of Primo", in which the rock is entombed. Only two paragraphs later, the tower is suddenly the "Tower of Pimo".
  • "Nomed" is an inversion of "demon".

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