Bat was a Ceffyl who lived on Tír na n-Óg. She was named after her mother's human friend Bathsheba.

Bat was sent by her herd to make contact with a group of humans led by Chulainn who were on a journey to Dinorben. She communicated to them through Ace, with whom she telepathically bonded (Ace had been on a quest with the Seventh Doctor to see Goibhnie, but he had left her with Chulainn to avoid putting her in danger). Bat offered to have the Ceffyl protect Chulainn and his people during their journey, but he refused, being prejudiced against non-humans. Ace, disgusted with his racism, joined Bat, becoming friends with her. Ace led the Ceffyl through the gateway which connected their world to Earth, but human soldiers guarding the gateway caught up with them and cut off their horns. However, a stump of Bat's horn was still left, meaning that she would eventually recover. She and the rest of the Ceffyl were stranded on Earth when the gateway was destroyed. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark)

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