While under the influence of the Beast, the Ood register Basic 100. (TV: The Impossible Planet)

Basic was a scale that measured telepathic fields. Ood who had had their hind-brains removed registered Basic 5 as a norm. When the Beast first made telepathic contact with the Ood in the Walker Expedition on Sanctuary Base 6, it rose to Basic 30, which meant that they were shouting, screaming inside their heads. But the Tenth Doctor realised that someone was shouting at them. When the Ood attacked the humans on the base, they were at Basic 100, which meant they should have been braindead. (TV: The Impossible Planet) If this fell to Basic 0, it caused a "brainstorm" in Ood and made them collapse. Danny Bartock used this to disable the Ood by broadcasting it through a telepathic flare. (TV: The Satan Pit)

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