Baryonyx was a type of theropod dinosaur. They were powerfully built, with sharp claws and crocodile-like heads. Though adapted for eating fish, Baryonyx was an opportunistic eater, feeding on other prey when it could get it. They had powerful jaws, being able to shatter bone and flesh with ease.

History Edit

Baryonyx was among the dinosaurs farmed by the Sanctified Empire. One of them came through the Cardiff Space-Time Rift to Cardiff in 2008. It was captured by the Torchwood Three team and sent back through a rift storm to where it came from. (COMIC: Rift War!)

In a parallel universe, Baryonyx was one of the species that the Silurians brought back from extinction after they took over the Earth. They could be found in both England and Africa, and were a successful species. Baryonyx were kept by Morka in his private park, feeding on antelopes. They had formed a partial symbiotic relationship with the lions of the area. Baryonyx would kill and feed on the antelope, while the lion would feed on the scraps, with both species not attacking each other. While searching for medicine, Ace, Benton, Jan, Julia and Alan were attacking by a Baryonyx, which injured Alan and killed one of their horses. (PROSE: Blood Heat)

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