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"Barman", which is the more commonly used word in the Doctor Who universe and in the UK

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A bartender or barmaid was an individual who served drinks, usually alcoholic, to patrons of a bar or pub.

Charlie was a bartender at the Last Chance Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona. He met Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet in October 1881. He was later killed by Johnny Ringo. (TV: The Gunfighters)

Brad was a bartender at the Golden Gopher in 2011. After meeting Jack Harkness at work during the time of the Miracle, they went back to Brad's apartment and had sex. (TV: Dead of Night)

Henry was the manager and occasional bartender at Bianca's Cabaret, an exclusive nightclub that offered drinks and entertainment to clients from all over the universe. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

Guinan was a time sensitive native to a parallel universe. She worked as a bartender in the 24th century in the USS Enterprise-D's lounge and recreation facility known as Ten Forward. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

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