Barry Taylor was a financial analyst and one of the original clients of Joyriders.

In October 2016, in exchange for free sessions in the future, he agreed to join Steve Hopley and James Banks on a mission to bring Charlie and Miss Quill to Garry Fletcher. He jumped into April MacLean's body. After Miss Quill demonstrated that they wouldn't be able to use brute force, he decided to attack her with a knife. This led to the complete failure of their mission as it opened up a possibility for Miss Quill to knock him out cold. Still the three of them managed to bring Charlie and Miss Quill to Fletcher.

After the successful mission, Steve transferred him back to his own body and immediately further for his real session. Soon after, the Coal Hill defenders transferred him back to his own body, took control of it, downloaded illegal porn onto his work computer and made him pleasure himself with an industry award in front of his boss at work. He had to face a court hearing. (PROSE: Joyride)

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