Barry Newbery (10 February 1927 - 25 February 2015[1]) was a designer for Doctor Who.

Like Raymond Cusick, Newbery took a great many behind-the-scenes photographs during his time on Doctor Who. Sadly, no pictures are known to exist from Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Awakening. It remains unclear as to whether Newbery took any whilst working on these stories, or if he did but the pictures have unfortunately been lost.

A large selection of Newbery's Doctor Who photographs, many of which have never before seen print, can be found in The Barry Newbery Signature Collection, published by Telos Publishing Ltd. in 2013.

Newbery also created the first redesign of the TARDIS police box prop during work on Season 14, as the original prop had decayed too much over the years. This version of the prop would be used from Season 14 until the end of Season 17 (with occasional reappearances afterwards in Logopolis, Castrovalva and Black Orchid).[2]

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