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Barnaby Edwards was a companion of the Doctor some time after his tenth incarnation.

Barnaby and the Doctor fought the Sontarans, the Floor Manace and had many other adventures. After some time, Barnaby fell in love and left the Doctor. The Doctor entrusted him with a message for the Doctor's past self. Barnaby encountered the Tenth Doctor on his birthday while living in a care home. Barnaby was unaware that this was an incarnation of the Doctor who had yet to meet him. He gave him the message and then, according to the Doctor, went to sleep. (COMIC: Old Friend)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The character shares his name with actor Barnaby Edwards, a longtime contributor to the Big Finish Productions audio dramas line, who also is one of the TV series' main Dalek operators. It is not confirmed whether the comic strip character was named in his honour as there are other individuals with this same name.
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