Doctor Tom Barclay (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet) was the lead civilian scientist stationed at the Snowcap Base in Antarctica. He was responsible for coordinating manned space missions such as atmospheric testing probes.

When the planet Mondas approached Earth in December 1986, Barclay and his team made an unsuccessful attempt to save the stricken space capsule Zeus IV from the gravitational pull of the new planet.

Believing that the Snowcap's military commander, General Cutler, was misguided in his decision to fire the deadly Z-Bomb at Mondas, Barclay collaborated with the First Doctor's companions, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, to sabotage the launch. When the Cybermen took control of Snowcap, they killed General Cutler and forced Barclay, Ben, John Dyson and Haines to remove the Z-Bomb from the rocket warhead. Barclay then helped Ben, Dyson and Haines use radiation to weaken and defeat the Cybermen.

After Mondas was destroyed, Barclay took command of the base from General Cutler. (TV: The Tenth Planet)

Behind the scenes Edit

Barclay is given the first name of Tom in the novelisation.