Barbara Southcott was the main make-up designer for the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who from The Runaway Bride to Twice Upon a Time. Though her run was not unbroken, as a result of the double banked "Doctor-lite" episodes of 2007 and 2008 and a yearlong break in 2013-14, she designed the overwhelming majority of episodes from series 3 to 10.

Though Claire Pritchard-Jones took over as make-up designer during series 8, Southcott returned with series 9 and 10. Pritchard-Jones again became the main make-up designer in series 11.

Prior to her work on Doctor Who, she worked with producer Phil Collinson, lead actor Bill Paterson and a host of Doctor Who-related guest stars — including Paul McGann — as the make-up designer on Sea of Souls.

One of her very earliest credits is as a hairstylist on the episode "Benares, January 1910" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. This makes her one of the few Doctor Who crew members also to have worked in the Indiana Jones franchise.


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