Bannerman Road was a street in Ealing, London. Sarah Jane Smith and later Maria Jackson and Rani Chandra lived there.

Sarah Jane's house was located at 13 Bannerman Road. (TV: Invasion of the Bane) Maria and her father Alan Jackson lived at 36 Bannerman Road, but they then sold the house when they moved to America. Rani and her parents Gita and Haresh lived in the house after Maria's departure. (TV: The Day of the Clown)

During his childhood, Ian Webster lived on Bannerman Road. (AUDIO: Deadly Download)

A house at 39 Bannerman Road was constructed in 1865. In the 1880s, Charles Beatrice and May Burden lived at 39 Bannerman Road along their maid Clara. The house was demolished in 1969. In 1970 a new house was constructed. In 2009, John O'Brien, his father and mother lived in this house. (AUDIO: The Ghost House)

In the same year Doris was living at 54 Bannerman Road. Oli was living on Bannerman Road with his mother Trish.(AUDIO: Deadly Download) Mr Ploughman was living on Bannerman Road as well. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule) In 2010, Mrs Frazer was living at 30 Bannerman Road. (TV: The Empty Planet)

Ealing Broadway was about a twenty minute walk away from Bannerman Road. (PROSE: The Lost Boy)

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