Bannakaffalatta was a cyborg Zocci aboard the Titanic. He had had an accident some time before and, as a result, had undergone conversion into a cyborg, for which he felt some shame because cyborgs were discriminated against on Sto. Bannakaffalatta refused to be addressed as "Banna".

Onboard the Titanic he met the Tenth Doctor and briefly strolled around Denton on Christmas Eve on a tour led by Mr Copper. As Bannakaffalatta was small, he could get through spaces others could not. He revealed his cybernetics to Astrid, to whom he took a fancy and asked on a date, which she accepted. Over a short period of time, he grew to accept his nature as a cyborg. While travelling over a bridge in the Titanic, Bannakaffalatta got across with ease. When the Hosts descended upon the small group of survivors, he used his cybernetic implant to release an electromagnetic pulse to destroy them and give the Doctor and the others time to escape. With little power left, Bannakaffalatta died. His last words addressed to Astrid, "Pretty girl". Copper took the EMP transmitter from his body, knowing Bannakaffalata would have wanted them to use it. Astrid used his EMP transmitter to destroy other Hosts. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

The Doctor later described Bannakaffalatta as "brilliant". (TV: The End of Time)

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