Bang Post Production is a Cardiff post-production sound company, formed in July 2006 by Paul McFadden and Doug Sinclair. Their staff also includes sound recordist Julian Howarth.

In 2008, they provided the sound editing for series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and, in 2016, the sound mixing for series 1 of Class.

Although they went uncredited as a production company for many years, Bang Post Production also worked on Torchwood and Doctor Who.[1] In fact, their Doctor Who work won them two BAFTAs, 2007 and 2008, for Best Sound, a Royal Television Society Award in 2009 for their sound work on Midnight, and a UK Screen Sound Award, in 2009 as well.

Beginning in 2018, Bang Post Production was credited on Doctor Who for foley.

The 2016 Big Finish Torchwood audio story Made You Look was recorded by Doug Sinclair at Bang Post Production, on 6 May 2016. Russell T Davies was present with Eve Myles for this recording.[2]

Erasure was also recorded here, on 13 November 2017.

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