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The Bane Mother was the mother of all Bane on Earth, if not all Bane everywhere.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Bane Mother was concealed in the ceiling of the Bubble Shock! factory, from where she provided the ingredients for Bubble Shock! The Mother seemed to have powerful psychic ability, able to control any human that had consumed the Bane ingredient in Bubble Shock! Her tentacles also proved a weapon against those she wished to harm, as evidenced when she attacked Maria Jackson and Sarah Jane Smith.

Those who failed her were consumed by the mother (such as in the case of Davey). She was very sensitive to mobile phone signals and was pained by them, as evidenced by the phones of Kelsey Hooper and Maria. The Mother was destroyed by Luke Smith when he used a superluminal phone given to Sarah by the Star Poet. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Mrs Wormwood was blamed for the death of the Bane Mother by the Bane Kindred and went into exile. (TV: Enemy of the Bane)

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