Sergeant Baker ran the police station in the village Three Sisters.

Baker assisted Inspector Ian Stratford with the investigation into the death of Richard Harries. They journeyed to Banquo Manor, the scene of the incident. Stratford took to him for like-mindedness.

Baker assisted Ian and Dr Friedlander in viewing the body. He then began questioning some of the residents and staff but recognised that Stratford would want to question key suspects and so instructed them to remain available.

Upon returning to view the body again they found it had disappeared. Baker helped search for Dr Friedlander. They came across him dead and so returned to the manor.

After George and Elizabeth Wallace were both found dead, Baker helped search for the killer. They came across the Doctor, alive. Then they found Harries, seemingly alive but still looking the same as he did in death. They fled and he pursued. Catherine Harries was controlling Harries — she had had him commit the murders.

Baker stayed with Ian after he was shot in the shoulder. They barricaded themselves in the drawing room. They were joined by Fitz Kreiner and Susan Seymour, who came down the chimney. Ian and Baker opened the barricade to allow John Hopkinson and Friedlander in.

Harries also came, as did Catherine. Harris attacked Baker, throttling him; as he did Baker stuffed Harries' pockets with dynamite. A group effort pulled him free but Catherine shot him in the back and then in the head, killing him. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

Personality Edit

After Harries body was found missing Baker was keen to suggest every possibility, suspecting everyone. He considered Harries' experiments a crime. After his death, Ian did not look up his first name, considering it an intrusion on his privacy. Ian had considered him loyal, brave and utterly selfless. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

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