Bagpipes were a musical instrument.

They consisted of a bag made of cloth with several pipes. A person who played the bagpipes was called a piper. Jamie McCrimmon was a piper. The Second Doctor said Jamie could join him, Ben and Polly in the TARDIS if he would teach the Doctor how to play the bagpipes. (TV: The Highlanders)

When the cat-like creature Marmaduke was aboard the TARDIS, he tore Jamie's bagpipes — then found them where Jamie had hidden them and got at them again. (PROSE: Constant Companion)

Angus MacRanald, proprietor of the Fox Inn in Tulloch, often played the pipes on his own premises. Sarah Jane discovered that the villagers of Tulloch regarded him as "the best piper for miles around". (TV: Terror of the Zygons)

The Fourth Doctor described Scottish to Leela as "haggis, bagpipes, Robbie Burns and deep-fried Mars Bars". (PROSE: The Very Last Picture Show)

Bagpies were rarely used, not even for ceremonial occasions, after 2280. (PROSE: Briefly Noted)

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