Bafflement and Devotion was a short story published in DWM 289 to coincide with the release of the novel Verdigris. It featured the Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris Wildthyme and the Eighth Doctor.

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Iris Wildthyme attempts to convince her companion, the Eighth Doctor, that it is her life that's real and that it is the Doctor who is the fabrication.

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After a brief recap of certain encounters between the Doctor and Iris Wildthyme, Iris talks about Paul Magrs, while she and the Doctor are on the Celestial Omnibus.

From Paul Magrs' POV, he recalls that he was asked to write about his Doctor Who books.

Iris and the Doctor then talk about her origins, and the conflict of the Thals and the Daleks (the events that the First Doctor was a part of, after the escape from the Tribe of Gum). Iris thinks to herself that the events happened differently for her, and the Doctor is huffy about Iris' claims, and he wants to know which version of events actually happened, all those years ago.

Again from Magrs' POV, he admits that even he can't remember the order of Iris' incarnations. He talks about the Edith Sitwell, Beryl Reid, and Jane Fonda incarnations.

The Doctor doesn't talk to Iris for a while, and he puts the kettle on. He's disturbed by the the fact that the claims from Iris coukd easily in fact be true, due to his own past constantly changing. He realises that he suddenly remembers having adventures that he previously didn't do, such as being in Antarctica and seeing dinosaurs, and being there when Venice crumbled into the Adriatic. The Doctor is happy that he's experiencing these events like this, but that happiness turns to horror as he realises that this means he could live forever.

The Omnibus comes out of the Time Vortex, and the Doctor and Iris are flung into a new adventure together...

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Iris Wildthyme - Cushing Dalek - Bafflement and Devotion

The Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris next to a Dalek.

  • Iris recalls being on Skaro, and meeting the Aryans and the Daleks there. She remembers those events being more akin to a Philip K. Dick story.
  • Paul Magrs mentions that Iris occasionally works for MIAOW.

Notes Edit

Jane Fonda Iris

Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris from the table of contents of DWM 289.

  • The story contains a bibliography at the end explaining the various stories to which Iris and the Doctor refer to throughout their adventure.
  • The table of contents for DWM 289 included original art of the Jane Fonda incarnation of Iris that was not included in the story itself.

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