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In a parallel universe, Badger was the robot servant of a version of the Doctor who never left Gallifrey.

Quences believed that the Doctor was to become Lord President of the High Council of the Time Lords, thus raising the prominence of his family. He downloaded his mind into Badger's positronic brain before he died, then influenced the Doctor to stay on Gallifrey.

At each opportunity, Badger would try to mentally coerce the Doctor to show some degree of interest in politics, but they failed because the Doctor wasn't interested and always regained control. Badger kept him locked up in the old Type 40 that the Doctor had decided to steal while also controlling other parts of the Doctor's life like keeping mail away from him.

The Doctor eventually freed himself from Quences' control, and publicly protested about corruption in the High Council. Quences, infuriated, commanded Badger to kill the Doctor. Before it could do so, it was skewered by Surus, destroying it. (AUDIO: Auld Mortality)