Mickey Smith once set up a band with Mook Jayasundera, Patrice Okereke and Sally Salter called Bad Wolf. On one occasion when Mickey was unavailable, Big Bone Bill took his place on bass guitar.

The group had few musical ambitions beyond earning £60 at the Lamb & Flag once a month and really did it for laughs. The former name of the band was No Hot Ashes but they decided that that name was "rubbish" and changed it briefly to Bad Wolf to "relaunch the brand" for their performance at the Brook in Camden that night, the name being inspired by graffiti on Jordan Road.

After Mook, Patrice and Sally survived the 2005 Nestene invasion of Earth and after the poor reception at that night's performance Sally stated that the band had to change their name, citing it as the reason for their failure. (PROSE: Rose)

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