Backgammon was a board game at which the First Doctor was adept. In one 13th century session, he won from Kublai Khan: thirty-five elephants with ceremonial bridles, trappings, brocades and pavilions; four thousand white stallions; twenty-five tigers; the sacred tooth of Buddha; and the entire commerce of Burma for one year. Khan's wife disapproved of her husband's playing the game for stakes. She claimed that it aggravated his gout. (TV: "Assassin at Peking")

In July 1778, Shardlow lost a game of backgammon to the Celestial Toymaker at the Hellfire Club and was forced to become his slave. (PROSE: The Nightmare Fair, AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

Ashildr played backgammon during her time as a medieval Queen. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

On one occasion when Donna Noble was beating the Tenth Doctor at backgammon, he placed the board in a time lock until Donna became bored and gave up. (AUDIO: Time Reaver)

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