Babylon 5 was a science fiction television programme from 1990s Earth.

Dave Young once likened his own situation to a plot line from that series. When the Eighth Doctor told him that the Kulan might not wipe out mankind because Dave had traces of Kulan DNA in his system, Dave likened the Kulan to the Minbari, who called off their war with Earth because "they found that their souls were being reborn in humans."

The Doctor, for his part, said he "could never get into" Babylon 5 because he found it unlikely that "godlike aliens [would be] disguised as angels." (PROSE: Escape Velocity) Nevertheless he had enough familiarity with the show to once describe the resort planet Kursaal as "Disneyland meets Babylon 5." (PROSE: Kursaal) Izzy Sinclair compared the TARDIS' upper view of space to the opening of the program. (COMIC: Ophidius)

Sam Jones was able to deduce that a device she found in the Seychelles was a tracking device thanks to experience of watching the show. (PROSE: Bounty)

On the deep space probe ship Clinton in 2062, Erimem asked if it could be a space station. Andy Hansen said it did not look like Babylon 5 or DS9. (PROSE: Prime Imperative)

Babylon 5 was among the 20th century Earth television shows broadcast by Reef Station One in the New Earth Republic during the 101st century. (PROSE: Synthespians™)

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  • In the audio story Bang-Bang-a-Boom!, the space station Achilles 4, said to have followed after Dark Space 8, is a reference to Babylon 5, the space station in this series. Dr Harcourt's line in that audio story about the contest being "the last, best hope for peace" between Angvia and Gholos is a direct quote from the opening monologue of Season 1 of Babylon 5.
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