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BBC iPlayer logo.

BBC iPlayer is an online video on demand service created by the BBC.

Since it went live on 25 December 2007, it offered whole episodes of Doctor Who, among other programmes, to its web users in the UK. Episodes initially stayed online for seven days following the story's initial television broadcast.

This limit was extended over time, until, starting on 4 June 2018 (initially to promote series 11), all back episodes of Doctor Who beginning with series 1 (including mini-episodes The Night of the Doctor and the series 9 prologue), were made available online indefinitely.

These were later joined by the back catalogues of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, which have had no new televised instalments for over a decade.

In 2014 and 2015, episodes of Doctor Who Extra were released online on iPlayer and BBC Red Button immediately following each episode of Doctor Who's eighth and ninth series. As of November 2023, it has yet to be rereleased on iPlayer on a permanent basis, though the episodes still exist on the BBC's YouTube channel.

Class originally premiered on the BBC Three section of iPlayer starting from 22 October 2016, during the period when BBC Three was temporarily online-only.

On 1 November 2023, coinciding with the 60th anniversary month of Doctor Who's original broadcast in 1963, a special Whoniverse channel, a dedicated home for all Doctor Who on the BBC iPlayer, had over 800 Doctor Who episodes, including more than 100 episodes from 2005-2022 that had already been on iPlayer prior to this date, included, alongside Audio Description and British Sign Language versions. Also added that day were various limited series, concluded series, and one-off specials, such as the animated specials The Infinite Quest, Dreamland, the 1981 K9 and Company special A Girl's Best Friend, three Doctor Who at the Proms specials, the behind-the scenes TV series Doctor Who Confidential, the Brian Cox documentary The Science of Doctor Who, the docudrama Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes, the Melvyn Bragg documentary Whose Doctor Who, the iPlayer-exclusive series Tales of the TARDIS, the televised version of Doctor Who @ 60: A Musical Celebration, and the David Tennant documentary Talking Doctor Who. The last two of these debuted on BBC Four the same day the rest were added to iPlayer and were added immediately after broadcast. Many of these first aired on a BBC channel after December 2007, which meant they had been released on the service temporarily before returning for a much longer period.

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