The Writers' Comics were a series of short online comic strip adventures that were posted by the BBC to its Doctor Who website in 2008. The stories were created by professional writers (most of whom have written episodes and novels for Doctor Who) using Comic Maker, an online tool that allowed users to create their own comic strips using clip art and backgrounds based upon the TV series, including character art from the animated serial The Infinite Quest.

While Comic Maker was only available for use to UK-based visitors to the website, the Writers' Comics stories were freely available internationally.

The comics feature the Tenth Doctor, plus assorted companions and characters from the series (varying depending on the needs of the story). Each comic is 5 or 6 pages long and tells simplified storylines along the lines of what might be found in an old-style Annual or children's storybook. Elements of some of the stories call into question whether they can be considered canonical; like most spin-off productions the BBC has never issued a firm rule on what constitutes canon.

Stories[edit | edit source]

  1. In-Flight Entertainment - Lindsey Alford
  2. Mind Shadows - Stephen Greenhorn
  3. Destiny's Door - Jacqueline Rayner
  4. Fuel - James Moran
  5. The Beast Is Back In Town - Keith Temple
  6. Mad Martha - Joseph Lidster
  7. Escape to Penhaxico - Brian Minchin
  8. Just Another Thursday - Paul Cornell
  9. Who Ate All the Biscuits? - Helen Raynor
  10. The Baktek Illusion - Peter Anghelides

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