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A series of Torchwood audio stories were published by BBC Audio. These were both traditional audiobooks and full-cast audio dramas.


Title Author Narrator Released
Hidden Steven Savile Naoko Mori 4 February 2008
Everyone Says Hello Dan Abnett Burn Gorman
In the Shadows Joseph Lidster Eve Myles 7 May 2009
The Sin Eaters Brian Minchin Gareth David-Lloyd 4 June 2009
Department X James Goss Kai Owen 7 March 2011
Ghost Train
Army of One Ian Edginton 8 March 2012
Fallout David Llewellyn Tom Price 5 April 2012
Red Skies Joseph Lidster John Telfer 3 May 2012
Mr Invincible Mark Morris Tom Price 7 June 2012

Audio dramas[]

While these stories were originally broadcast on BBC Radio, all were eventually released on CD by BBC Audio. The final three were released under the "Torchwood: The Lost Files" banner.

Title Author Featuring Broadcast date
Lost Souls Joseph Lidster Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Martha 10 September 2008
Asylum Anita Sullivan Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Andy 1 July 2009
Golden Age James Goss Jack, Gwen, Ianto 2 July 2009
The Dead Line Phil Ford Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Rhys 3 July 2009
The Devil and Miss Carew Rupert Laight 11 July 2011
Submission Ryan Scott 12 July 2011
The House of the Dead James Goss 13 July 2011

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