BBC Kids, abbreviated BBCK, is a Canadian digital cable specialty network which was launched in 2001. Although run in part by BBC Worldwide, BBC Kids is considered a Canadian network. It is not considered directly connected to the parent BBC. launched in October 2019

The network airs a mixture of Canadian and British programming aimed at younger audiences, and in recent years the network has been airing reruns of the original Doctor Who series. In 2007, it won the Canadian broadcast rights to The Sarah Jane Adventures and aired series 1.

However, the network did not immediately air series 2 of the programme. As a result, the season saw DVD release in Canada in November 2009 without it first having been aired there.

In mid-2009, it was announced that Shaw Cable, one of Canada's major cable providers, would be dropping BBC Kids from its digital cable line-up. In mid-January 2010, the network belatedly began airing Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. In 2011, after a brief period of ownership by Shaw Communications (ironically the same company that owns Shaw Cable), ownership shifted to Knowledge Network Corp. and BBC Worldwide. As of 2013, it continues to be available in only parts of Canada.

On 13 June 2012, it was announced that BBC Kids will begin airing K9, alongside a new block of Sarah Jane Adventures episodes, beginning in September 2012.[1]

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