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The BBC produced several Doctor Who audio dramas before Big Finish Productions started producing their own. Starting in 2018, they also released audio stories which weren't a part of the New Series Adventures.

Full-cast stories[]

Early releases[]

Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
Doctor Who and the Pescatons Victor Pemberton 4th Sarah July 1976
Exploration Earth Bernard Venables October 1976
Slipback Eric Saward 6th Peri 25 July - 22 August 1985
The Paradise of Death Barry Letts 3rd Sarah, The Brigadier 27 August - 24 September 1993
The Ghosts of N-Space 20 January - 24 February 1996

The Nest Cottage Chronicles[]

Main article: The Nest Cottage Chronicles

Hornets' Nest[]

Main article: Hornets' Nest
# Title Writer Director Featuring Released
1 The Stuff of Nightmares Paul Magrs Kate Thomas Mike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets 3 September 2009
2 The Dead Shoes 8 October 2009
3 The Circus of Doom 5 November 2009
4 A Sting in the Tale 3 December 2009
5 Hive of Horror

Demon Quest[]

Main article: Demon Quest
# Title Writer Director Featuring Released
1 The Relics of Time Paul Magrs Kate Thomas Mrs Wibbsey, the Demon 2 September 2010
2 The Demon of Paris 7 October 2010
3 A Shard of Ice Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates, the Demon 4 November 2010
4 Starfall 2 December 2010
5 Sepulchre Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates, the Demon, Hornets

Serpent Crest[]

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# Title Writer Director Featuring Released
1 Tsar Wars Paul Magrs Kate Thomas Mrs Wibbsey 8 September 2011
2 The Broken Crown 6 October 2011
3 Aladdin Time Mrs Wibbsey, the Scarf 3 November 2011
4 The Hexford Invasion Second Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates 8 December 2011
5 Survivors in Space

Narrated stories[]

Single releases[]

Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
The Thing from the Sea Paul Magrs 4th Fenella Wibbsey 1 March 2018
Men of War Justin Richards 1st Steven, Sara, Mark 3 May 2018
Horrors of War 3rd Jo, Annie 5 July 2018
Fortunes of War 6th Mark, Annie 6 September 2018
The Elysian Blade David Bishop 2nd Jamie, Victoria 7 February 2019
The Winged Coven Paul Magrs 4th Fenella Wibbsey, Mike Yates 4 April 2019
The Scent of Blood Andrew Lane 8th Vampires 3 October 2019
The Flight of the Sun God Nev Fountain 6th Peri
Paradise Lost Darren Jones 11th Clara 6 February 2020
The Minds of Magnox 10th Brian 3 December 2020
The Nightmare Realm Jonathan Morris 12th Nardole 3 June 2021
The Ashes of Eternity Niel Bushnell 9th Rose 7 October 2021

Beyond the Doctor[]

Main article: Beyond the Doctor (audio series)
Title Author Read by Featuring Released
The Kairos Ring Stephen Gallagher Steven Pacey Romana II, Tharils 4 February 2021
Bessie Come Home Paul Magrs Stephanie Cole Bessie 5 August 2021
London, 1965 Jamie Glover Ian, Barbara 6 January 2022
Sleeper Agents Anneke Wills Ben, Polly 3 March 2022
The Penumbra Affair Susan Jameson Wibbsey, Polly, Yates 5 May 2022

Tales from the TARDIS[]

Volume One[]

Main article: Tales from the TARDIS: Volume One
Title Author Read by Doctor Featuring Released
The Curse of Peladon Brian Hayles Jon Pertwee 3rd Jo 19 July 2004
Kinda Terrance Dicks Peter Davison 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan
Attack of the Cybermen Eric Saward Colin Baker 6th Peri, Cybermen
Moon Graffiti Dave Stone Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant Peri
Wish You Were Here Guy Clapperton
Vigil Michael Collier Peri
Freedom Steve Lyons Nicholas Courtney, Sophie Aldred 3rd Jo, the Brigadier, Benton
Model Train Set Jonathan Blum Sophie Aldred 8th
Glass Tara Samms 4th Romana II
Degrees of Truth David A. McIntee Nicholas Courtney 3rd The Brigadier
Stop the Pigeon Mike Tucker, Robert Perry Sophie Aldred 7th Ace, the Master
Old Flames Paul Magrs Nicholas Courtney 4th Sarah, the "Beryl Reid" Iris Wildthyme

Volume Two[]

Main article: Tales from the TARDIS: Volume Two
Title Author Read by Doctor Featuring Released
Planet of the Daleks Terrance Dicks Jon Pertwee 3rd Jo, Daleks 19 July 2004
Warriors of the Deep Peter Davison 5th Tegan, Turlough, Silurians, Sea Devils
Vengeance on Varos Philip Martin Colin Baker 6th Peri, Sil
The TV Movie Gary Russell Paul McGann 8th Grace, Seventh Doctor, the Master
Bounty Peter Anghelides Sam
Dead Time Andrew Miller
The People's Temple Paul Leonard

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