The BBC Class novels were a series of novels published by BBC Books featuring the characters of Class. The three novels were officially published by BBC Books in the UK as paperback format during the broadcast of series 1, though a batch of copies were given away at the Class World Premiere event on 20 October 2016, signed (variably by Patrick Ness, the novel writers themselves & the cast members present). Further UK paperback copies were later signed for Forbidden Planet by Guy Adams & James Goss.

The novels were then released in the US by HarperCollins Publishing, in association with BBC Books. Rather than a simultaneous release, the three were released separately over time - 7 March 2017 (Stone House), 3 October 2017 (Joyride) and 6 March 2018 (What She Does Next Will Astound You). The US version featured a updated typesetting that corrected several typographical errors & inconsistencies present within the UK version, and was printed as both a paperback & hardback release. The hardback release featured the original UK covers as dustjackets, whilst the paperback release featured a new variant of the covers. For reasons unknown, some stock of the US hardbacks appeared in UK branches of Forbidden Planet in the months following their release.

List of novels[edit | edit source]

# Title Writer Release date
1 Joyride Guy Adams 27 October 2016
2 The Stone House A.K. Benedict
3 What She Does Next Will Astound You James Goss

Cover gallery[edit | edit source]

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