BAFTA in the TARDIS was a short fourth wall-breaking mini-episode that was shown during the 2013 BAFTAs ceremony. It was approximately one minute long and saw both Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman reprise their roles as the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald.

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The Eleventh Doctor receives a BAFTA for participation in a television show. Which he can not recall. The trophy instead reminds him of an alien race he once encountered. Clara sets him straight on its identity and asks him to wish her luck as she leaves to present said award.

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  • The Doctor mentions the Axons and compares them to the face of the BAFTAs.
  • The Doctor momentarily fixates on the word "plinth".

Story notes Edit

  • The minisode was produced as a way to introduce Jenna Coleman as she took the stage to present a BAFTA in real life. A similar crossover from filmed skit to real-life appearance would take place later in the year during the 2013 edition of Doctor Who at the Proms.

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