Mr B. Stoker was the head of the Royal Hope Hospital in London and supervisor to Martha Jones. Mr Stoker had little patience for the incompetence of others, often making cynical jokes. Checking on "John Smith", Stoker believed he was crazy, asking an orderly to move him to psychiatric.

When Royal Hope was transported to the Moon, he was among the few not to lose his cool; instead, he was fascinated, if somewhat worried. He was killed by the Plasmavore "Florence Finnegan" by having his blood sucked out. He had one daughter, still in university. He planned to retire to Florida, in America. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • It is unknown what Stoker's first name was but B. Stoker is an obvious reference to Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, since the alien that killed him was a vampire-like creature.
  • According to the script, Mr Stoker was 55 years old.
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