Lord Axlaar was, by all accounts, an old friend of Lord Vaarnak. In his youth, he looked up to Lord Vaarnak, but was disgusted when he dishonoured them and left New Mars for Peladon after Grand Marshall Raxlyr had taken over. He deliberately sabotaged a spaceship to crash land on Peladon to search for Princess Lixgaar, the last heir to the throne, under subterfuge. After being found out by the Third Doctor, he threatened to summon reinforcements.

The Doctor took King Peladon, Lord Axlaar and Axlaar's accomplice, Sslurn, to the chamber of the Prisoner of Peladon. There, the Doctor knocked at the chamber doors, which Centauri opened from inside. The Doctor called for Princess Lixgaar within the chamber, whom Axlaar threatened with his sonic disruptor. The Doctor attacked Axlaar in the chest; the blast of the disruptor hitting Sslurn. Axlaar took aim again at the princess, swatting the Doctor aside, and King Peladon threw himself at him in a blind rage. After this, Axlaar fell from the window. (AUDIO: The Prisoner of Peladon)