Auton 2: Sentinel was the second story in the Auton Trilogy of video dramas produced by BBV Productions in the late 90s, and a sequel to the first, Auton. Like most video dramas of this era, it featured characters and concepts from Doctor Who but did not include any main characters from the series.

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"We have been colonising other planets for a thousand million years..."

Two years have passed since the Nestene creature vanished from UNIT's top secret Warehouse...

Suddenly and without warning the Nestene strikes, once again using Autons as its deadly foot soldiers. As mysterious UNIT operative Lockwood struggles to unearth the Nestene plan, he finds himself drawn to remote Sentinel Island. There, the population have been caught up in a bizarre frenzy of religious activity.

Lockwood is joined by Natasha Alexander, a new scientific advisor with her own, sinister agenda. To defeat the Nestene menace, they must face the terrifying power of a creature from before the dawn of Mankind...

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Two UNIT operatives, Mike and Dave, are travelling to dispose of some Autons; they stop. Dave gets out and investigates a noise, which turns out to be a Nestene sphere unit. This activates the Autons, which kill the men and drive off. Lockwood is shown to witness this in a dream.

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  • A peasant wore a Lara Croft shirt with Eidos developer logo.

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  • The working title for the story was Auton 2: Rapture.
  • This story features some impressive CGI work of the Nestene Consciousness.
  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's call sign, Greyhound Leader, previously used by Lockwood in Auton, is used here by Colonel Wilson.
  • The transportation docket bearing Lockwood's signature, as shown to Lockwood and Dr Sally Arnold by Colonel Wilson, bears the line "Operative 8954B, Codename Lockwood" — indicating that Lockwood is actually a code name for the UNIT operative, and not his real name after all.

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DVD and video releases Edit


The DVD cover.

  • First released direct-to video in 1998, with a Making Of (previously aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, per the cover)
  • Reissued in 2007 with a number of bonus features:
    • Picture Gallery
    • Auton Diaries - a skit produced specifically for this release, about an unemployed Auton actor who attempts to land a role in the new series
    • The Green Man, a 2002 audio spin-off about the Krynoids from the television story The Seeds of Doom by Zoltán Déry

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