The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, often rendered as simply ABC, has been the primary home of first run Doctor Who in Australia for almost the entire history of the programme. Its association with the programme reaches back to 1965, when it first screened William Hartnell episodes.

It is one of the few broadcasters outside the British Broadcasting Corporation itself to screen episodes from all the Doctors' eras at the time of their original release. Along with the CBC, BBCA and FOX, it's one of the few broadcasters in the world to co-produce an episode of Doctor Who, since it helped fund The Five Doctors. However, unlike other broadcasters, it did not receive onscreen credit for this co-production.

It has a reputation for having considerably harsher censorship than most other broadcasters, which has led to some minor finds of missing episodes. The ABC snipped parts of various stories and retained the removed material in their archives. In some cases, such as The Smugglers, the bulk of the remaining photographic evidence that remains of these stories comes from these brief ABC edits.

Post-2005, Doctor Who has primarily debuted on ABC1, the primary television channel of the ABC.

Class aired on ABC Comedy in 2016.

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