Australia were the national cricket team of the country of the same name.

The Fifth Doctor once wanted to witness the team's tour of England in 1902. (AUDIO: Alien Heart)

Amongst other contests, they engaged South Africa in a 2006 One Day International that the Sixth Doctor once watched on the Time-Space Visualiser. (AUDIO: The Fourth Wall)

They also tackled England in the 1981 Ashes series, which they both won and lost with Tegan Jovanka's help. (PROSE: Graham Dilley Saves the World)

Whilst in prison on Folly, the Fifth Doctor organised a cricket match involving the entire prison population in which he suggested some 900-odd people play for Australia while the other 900-odd play for England. (AUDIO: Doing Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

Australia were partly to blame for Doctor Who's first-ever broadcasting delay. "Hidden Danger" was bumped from the 4 July 1964 schedule because of an overrunning test with England and a long tennis match at Wimbledon.

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