Augustus Pond was Tabetha Pond's husband and Amy Pond's father. He was also Rory Williams' father-in-law, and the maternal grandfather of River Song.

Augustus met his wife at some point after 1984. (PROSE: Nothing O'Clock) He and his family lived in Scotland before moving to Leadworth, Gloucestershire. He would take Amy on camping trips to the Scottish Highlands. (COMIC: Power of the Mykuootni) August and Tabetha were lost to the Time Field and erased from reality some time before Easter 1996. Then-seven-year-old Amy was raised by her Aunt Sharon. After reality was rebooted by the Eleventh Doctor's use of the Pandorica and his exploding TARDIS, Augustus and Tabetha were restored to reality and attended Amy's wedding to Rory on 26 June 2010. (TV: The Big Bang)

Amy would later visit him and her mother using a Time Harvester, spending the day with them. (PROSE: Borrowed Time)

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