August Hart worked as a security specialist at SERVEYOUinc.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hart served in the Wheel Wars against the Amstrons of the Great Wheel. (COMIC: Whodunnit?)

United System Research Base Edit

Hart was initially the chief of security of the United System Research Base under Chief Administrator Peter Cartwright. He had disdain for Dr Janet Rutherford, refused to call her by her title, and worked with Deputy Administrator Rodney Mellors to destroy a project she was working on.

He first met the Eleventh Doctor, Alice Obiefune, and John Jones when TARDIS landed on the research base. He ordered security to kill them if they resisted his orders. Thanks to the psychic paper, Hart believed the Doctor to be an inspector who had come to investigate the comas caused by ARC getting loose. Together with Cartwright, he tried to frame Dr Rutherford to simultaneously frame her and hide the truth from the Doctor, but the Doctor saw right through his deception. (COMIC: Whodunnit?) When ARC sent Cartwright to a coma, Hart assumed operational control of the base. (COMIC: The Sound of Our Voices)

Several times Hart tried to kill the Doctor because he knew too much already, first by himself and then by using the station's security guards. Every time he was outwitted, sometimes in a humiliating fashion, for instance, once he was cuffed to a table with his own cuffs. Eventually, he surrendered the to the Doctor the task of dealing with the ARC threat. As the result, the Doctor stole ARC from under his and Cartwright's noses. Despite Cartwright being more to blame in this, (COMIC: The Sound of Our Voices) it was Hart who was demoted. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

Rokhandi World Edit

Ten years later, (COMIC: The Sound of Our Voices) Hart was Chief Security Officer responsible for SERVEYOUinc operations on Rokhandi. Recognising the Doctor and Alice on the security feed, he went to personally oversee the process of feeding the Doctor to the Entity to have his revenge.

At the time of their encounter on Rokhandi, the Doctor and Alice had not yet experienced the events on the research base. From their perspective it was their first meeting with him, and they were baffled by his malice.

After the Doctor destabilized the portion of the Entity housed in Rokhandi World, Hart's security detail and other SERVEYOUinc employees, now free from the Entity's influence, turned on him. He ran away, frantically demanding extraction off-world and vowing to kill the Doctor for what he'd done. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Although it is not directly stated that he is human, Dr Rutherford's comment made in his presence that toluan salt-beetles are second only to humans in terms of intelligence in the comic story Whodunnit? would have been insulting if he were not human.
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