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August was the month that the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918 entered a second, deadlier phase after a new strain of the virus emerged. (PROSE: Casualties of War)

By year

Early history

The Tenth Doctor noted to Reinette that this was not a very good month in 1727, warning her to "stay indoors". (TV: The Girl in the Fireplace)

20th century

In 1914, German troops were advancing on the Belgian town of Mons. The United Kingdom was preparing to enter World War I by defending Mons. (COMIC: The Weeping Angels of Mons)

In 1915, the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield arrived in Haiti. (PROSE: White Darkness)

In 1937, amidst the onset of the Second Sino-Japanese War in the north of China, Hsien-Ko and the Tong of the Black Scorpion attempted to abduct Magnus Greel from the Time Vortex to avenge the death of Li H'sen Chang. (PROSE: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang)

In 1939, the Nazis held a rally in Nuremberg where Adolf Hitler played tribute to the party's "Glorious Dead". A fierce propaganda campaign was underway by this time ahead of the imminent invasion of Poland after the end of the month. The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived in Germany at this time to investigate disturbances in the timeline. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

In 1940, the Battle of Britain was at its height. Fanatics among the Heliyon were discovered by the Eighth Doctor to be interfering in the conflict on 27 August. On 28 August, refugees from Polish Air Force were allowed to join the Royal Air Force against the Luftwaffe. (AUDIO: Their Finest Hour)

In 1942, the Third Reich reached the peak of its power, just ahead of the "key" attack on Stalingrad. Hitler and the Nazi elite attended a ball in Berlin. The Sixth Doctor and Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart infiltrated the ball posed as military medical professionals. They took blood samples from Hitler and Eva Braun, ostensibly to check if the two were racially compatible.

In 1944, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann, the Nazi Party secretary, realised that Germany was losing the war and so began formulating Operation Eagle Flight, a foundation from which the Nazis could relaunch their fascist crusade even after defeat. (PROSE: The Shadow in the Glass)

In 1945, the United States of America utilised the world's first nuclear bombs to destroy the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The former bomb was dropped some time after 5 August, the date of an aborted attack on Kyoto. The latter bomb was dropped four days after the former. Japan surrendered after the turn of the month. (COMIC: Sky Jacks)

In 1947, violence in the former British Raj escalated after the Partition of India on 17 August. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

In 1969, Charles Manson's "family" killed five people in Hollywood. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

In 1998, the Eighth DoctorLiv Chenka, and Helen Sinclair visited Calcot and found that it was being affected by a piece of the Doomsday Chronometer. The piece's proximity to a newly installed cellphone tower allowed calls made within the town to reach into the past to dead loved ones. The Doctor and Liv found the piece while Helen met with her brother George, who died shortly before the Doctor, Helen, and Liv left. (AUDIOAbsent Friends)

Later history

In 2020, the Time Fracture at the former UNIT Black Site saw an increase in activity. (WC: 14681 UNIT Field Log, 14682 UNIT Field Log, 14683 UNIT Field Log)