Audrey Newman was a human from 20th century Jamaica.

She and her husband Michael moved to England in the 1950s; she came first, together with their new-born daughter, Josetta, and settled with her uncle, Joseph Roberts. Michael reached some time later, but Audrey found him a very different man, silent and closed in himself. She didn't question him about his behaviour, but silently wondered whether it could be her fault. That Michael was actually a duplicate created by an anemone changeling, which took possession of his husband's mind and made a copy of him.

When the TARDIS crashlanded near their house, Joseph took in the First Doctor, Sara Kingdom and Steven Taylor. Audrey initially didn't trust the strangers, but later formed a close friendship with Sara, which she helped adjust to ordinary life in London.

Two weeks later, she witnessed Joseph having an heart attack and a crowd of changelings, led by Michael, coming to kidnap some racists attacking their house; she also saw them being taken away in a wagon belonging to the dock where Michael worked. Finally deciding to confront Michael about his behaviour, she went after him at the dock, leaving her daughter with Sara. At the dock, she was captured and replaced by an anemone changeling. Her duplicate came back to the house together with those of Steven and Michael, and tried to get her baby from Sara; however, Sara was able to see though it and escaped.

Audrey was released by the anemone's grasp when Sara destroyed the knot-heart, thus releasing also the real Michael. As a result of being copied, though, she didn't remember well what happened after she went after his husband. (AUDIO: An Ordinary Life)

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