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Audrey Mohinson was the CEO of the Sphere of Freedom and owner of its immersive reality games business as a means to hold back the Ravagers. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)


Audrey was, in her youth, a highly influential scientist on Tarlishia. Well aware of the destruction the Ravagers could cause to the universe, she briefly encountered the Ninth Doctor and Nova on the way to meeting the President of Tarlishia, who were looking for answers after meeting her in her future. She attempted over five years to use a scavenged Gallifreyan control node to devolve the Ravagers, but it failed and she began receiving psychic visions of the Doctor from the future, analysing her behaviour, which deeply disturbed her. (AUDIO: Cataclysm)

Five years later, with the Ravagers attacking Tarlishia and the president dead, she coordinated the evacuation of the planet. Ten years after that, she founded the Sphere of Freedom. On both occasions, she received more visions of the Doctor. While seemingly only used to generate extremely popular games, the Sphere was actually a front for her efforts to stop the Ravagers. Using the node to create time eddies, she displaced people from time, fed their experiences into the game and used this to scare the Ravagers, with their fear stopping them from eating the universe. (AUDIO: Food Fight)

Original timeline[]

The Doctor encountered Audrey for the first time in his timeline on the Sphere after he and Nova attempted to stop the creation of the time eddies, but at the cost of Nova being captured by one, with her masquerading as an innocent old woman who wanted to know the Doctor's story. He eventually got suspicious and she revealed her true self, transporting him and the TARDIS towards the Ravagers to better understand them. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom) Later, the Doctor and Nova met her again after the Sphere's central arc broke down, explaining how they had arrived in the wrong order and inadvertently caused the destruction of the universe. (AUDIO: Cataclysm)

Second timeline[]

After creating a plan to wipe out the time eddies, the Doctor and Nova used one to return to the Sphere immediately after the TARDIS first left, aborting the original timeline. There, Audrey captured the Doctor and explained her past history with him to him as Nova helped destroy the time particles. However, with this causing the eddies and Ravagers to fly out of control, the Doctor saved her from a time eddy at the cost of his own safety. She later watched with everyone else as the Ravagers began their destruction. (AUDIO: Food Fight)

Rebooted timeline[]

The Doctor eventually used the time eddy and Gallifreyan node to project himself throughout Audrey's life to learn her true plans, and was able to fly the TARDIS back to his original visit to the Sphere of Freedom. This time, Audrey was friendly towards him due to him arriving in the right order, and they worked together to change the games to automatically satiate the Ravagers for good. She also promised to free all the innocent people who were working as enslaved staff on the Sphere, including Nova. (AUDIO: Food Fight)