Audiobooks of novelisations were direct-to-home-audio recordings of Doctor Who celebrities reading novelisations of Doctor Who stories. The range began under BBC Audio and continued under AudioGo, their successor. When AudioGo went into administration in 2013, BBC Physical Audio began publishing new audiobooks in November 2014.

Generally, the range has used Target Books novelisations as their base material, but as of 2019 they have commissioned and released at least three original-to-audio novelisations of The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, and Warriors' Gate. Moreover, they have recorded the first Doctor Who novelisations, released in the 1960s, which were originally published by Frederick Muller, Ltd.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In 2005 BBC Audiobooks released a limited edition Tin Doctor Who: Travels in Time and Space. William Russell read the first three Doctor Who novelizations, as originally published by Frederick Muller Ltd. Music and special effects were by Simon E Power. After this was deemed a success, BBC Audio began a regular series of releases starting in 2007, featuring unabridged readings of Target Books' television story novelisations.

Read by well-known names from the world of Doctor Who, each package came with a booklet that featured thumbnails of the original illustrations from the novelisation, along with cover illustrations (of both UK and international editions) and blurb from the original publication. Accompanying sleeve notes are provided by David J. Howe (author of The Target Book).

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