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Audio Adventures in Time & Space, originally just Adventures in Time and Space, was a record label and umbrella title for several subseries of audios with varying levels of legal and narrative ties to the Doctor Who universe.



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The name Adventures in Time and Space was originally used for the Audio Visuals fan audios in the mid-1980s. It first appeared on AV covers in the second season in 1986, although later re-issues of the first season also used the label.

1990s and 2000s[]

When the producer of the Audio Visuals, Bill Baggs, began releasing audio plays from BBV Productions in 1998, he reused the title, calling them Audio Adventures in Time & Space to distinguish them from BBV's video productions. Over the following years, BBV released four "seasons" of Audio Adventures.

Whereas the Audio Visuals Adventures in Time and Space had all featured the Doctor in an unlicensed, non-commercial fashion, as a commercial entity BBV had to sell legal products. As a result, rather than featuring a single ongoing story like the Audio Visuals Adventures, BBV's Audio Adventures comprised a number of separate ongoing series.

Initially, they created approximations of characters from televised Doctor Who and hired the same actors to play them. For instance, The Stranger featured Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as "the Stranger" and "Miss Brown", similar to their Doctor Who roles of the Sixth Doctor and his companion Peri Brown. Similarly, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred played the Professor and Ace in The Time Travellers, and Lalla Ward played the Mistress in Adventures in a Pocket Universe.

Some of these otherwise-unlicensed stories retained legal links to licensed non-television Doctor Who stories, such as the mysterious time traveller in the 1991 Doctor Who Magazine comic story Party Animals who later appeared in BBV's The Wanderer, and the alternate timeline seen in the 1997 BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel The Roundheads and visited in the debut Time Travellers audio, Republica. Guests for the Night also featured mentions of Posedor and Truman Crouch, elements of the fan Audio Visuals which had since gotten properly commercial debuts in the DWU in the Virgin New Adventures novel Deadfall.

Eventually, BBV began seeking legal links to television Doctor Who stories as well. Through individual agreements with television writers, they obtained permission to use the species or characters that those writers had created and still owned. Most of these stories could then be marketed as taking place within the DWU. For instance, the cover to The Choice, which was created with permission from Dave Martin and Bob Baker, advertised the "return of K9". By the third and fourth series from 2000 to 2004, the Audio Adventures line focused more and more on these licensed characters, including K9, Zygons, Krynoids, and Sontarans, as well as licensed concepts from Faction Paradox.

Although only some stories had the legal link to "prove" their connection to Doctor Who, the entire Audio Adventures series was intended to be set within the Doctor Who universe, with all audios advertised as "from the Worlds of Doctor Who". By the fourth season, which focused mainly on The Faction Paradox Protocols, the cover template was radically re-designed and the "Audio Adventures in Time & Space" label was removed.


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Although the overwhelming majority of BBV audio titles were released under this label, some were excluded on their initial release. These were the Tom Baker novel The Boy Who Kicked Pigs and the Richard Franklin story The Killing Stone. However, in the series' 2021 online relaunch, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs was rebranded as one of the Audio Adventures.

On 8 May, BBV announced the start of a fifth series of Audio Adventures in Time & Space, launching with a reading of The Door We Forgot by Bill Baggs, distinct from the previously-released Arcbeatle Press audiobook of the story.[1]


Season 1[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
Republica Mark Gatiss The Time Travellers Alternate timeline (PROSE: The Roundheads) May 1998
Island of Lost Souls The Professor, Alice
Prosperity Island Tim Saward
The Left Hand of Darkness Mark Duncan July 1998
The Other Side September 1998
Guests for the Night Nigel Fairs The Professor, Alice, Truman Crouch, Posedor November 1998
Cyber-Hunt Nicholas Briggs[2] The Wanderer / Cyberon Fred, Cyberons December 1998

Season 2[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Last Mission Nicholas Briggs The Stranger Chronicles N/A January 1999
Eye of the Storm Arthur Wallis February 1999
Ghosts Nigel Fairs The Time Travellers The Professor, Alice March 1999
Vital Signs Tim Saward The Wanderer Fred April 1999
Only Human Mark J Thompson The Time Travellers The Professor, Alice May 1999
The Choice Nigel Fairs Adventures in a Pocket Universe K-9 June 1999
Blood Sports The Time Travellers The Professor, Alice
Homeland Paul Dearing Zygon Zygons, Skarasen August 1999
The Search Mark Duncan Adventures in a Pocket Universe K-9 September 1999
Absolution Paul Ebbs Zygon Zygons October 1999
The Root of All Evil Lance Parkin Krynoid Krynoids
Silent Warrior Peter Grehan Sontarans Sontarans December 1999

Season 3[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
Cybergeddon Paul Ebbs Cyberon Cyberons February 2000
Punchline Rob Shearman[3] The Dominie The Professor, Alice
Old Soldiers Simon Gerard, Colin Hill Sontarans Sontarans
Infidel's Comet Colin Hill, Simon Gerard
The Pattern Mark Duncan N/A
I Scream Lance Parkin The I The "I" August 2000
Conduct Unbecoming Gareth Preston Sontarans Sontarans September 2000
The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind Pip and Jane Baker The Rani The Rani November 2000
Race Memory Paul Ebbs Wirrn Wirrn, Nerva Beacon February 2001

Season 4[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Barnacled Baby Anthony Keetch Zygon Zygons July 2001
The Eleven Day Empire Lawrence Miles The Faction Paradox Protocols Faction Paradox, Sontarans October 2001
The Shadow Play
The Green Man Zoltán Déry Krynoid Krynoids March 2002
In 2 Minds Iain Hepburn Rutans Rutans September 2002
The Quality of Mercy David A. McIntee Guy de Carnac
Sabbath Dei Lawrence Miles The Faction Paradox Protocols Compassion, Peking Homunculi, Sabbath February 2003
In the Year of the Cat April 2003
Movers Faction Paradox, the prison planet December 2003
A Labyrinth of Histories February 2004
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs[4] Tom Baker N/A

Season 5[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Door We Forgot[5] James Hornby, James Wylder P.R.O.B.E. Giles, P.R.O.B.E. 5 May 2020
9 to 5 James Hornby Tasha Williams 15 May 2021
The Minister of Chance[6] Dan Freedman Minister of Chance
Eternal Escape James Hornby Dionus's War The Friend, Gulliver's Rest 6 June 2021
A Worthy Successor[7] James Hornby, James Wylder Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Dr Haggard, Archie 10 June 2021
She Came From Another World![5] James Wylder P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Maxie
Call Me Ishmael J.T. Mulholland Dionus's War Dionus 23 June 2021
Memories of Tomorrow John Peel The Brigadier Adventures Giles, the Brigadier 28 June 2021
The Healer's Sin J.T. Mulholland Dionus's War Dionus 24 July 2021
What Happened in Manchester James Hornby P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Archie 28 July 2021
New Pastures The Brigadier Adventures Giles, the Brigadier 2 August 2021
Mr Saldaamir[8] Lance Parkin Faction Paradox: Rebirth Saldaamir 11 August 2021
Sabbath and the King Aristide Twain The War King, Sabbath 12 August 2021
The Fall of Shield Sentai Charles EP Murphy The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier 19 August 2021
The Beast of Stalingrad[9] Iain McLaughlin Erimem: The Audio Adventures Erimem
The Man Inside Bill Baggs The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier, Giles 9 September 2021
Me & My Ghost Dionus's War Dionus 1 October 2021
Broken Bonds James Hornby P.R.O.B.E. Giles 4 October 2021
Holmes: The Red-Headed League[10] Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes 28 October 2021[11]
The Confession of Brother Signet Michael Gilroy-Sinclair Faction Paradox: Rebirth, H. P. Lovecraft Faction Paradox 20 October 2021
Necessary Force Steve Lyons The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier 15 November 2021
Prime Imperative[9] Iain McLaughlin Erimem: The Audio Adventures Erimem 25 November 2021
Churchill's Castle[9]
BBV's Cyberon[12] James Hornby Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Cyberon 23 November 2021
Force of Nature[13] Stuart Robinson & James Potter The Stranger N/A

Season 6[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
Lucifer Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape Faction Paradox 1 January 2022
Silver-Tongued Liars[7] James Wylder Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Haggard, Cyberon 15 January 2022
Maxie Bill Baggs P.R.O.B.E.: New Companions Giles, Maxie 4 February 2022
Translation John Peel The Brigadier Adventures N/A[14] 11 May 2022
Lucifer's Sleep Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape 19 May 2022
B.E.S. Begins J.T. Mulholland Adventures in a Pocket Universe The Mistress, B.E.S. 24 May 2022
Maker's Wish: After Dark - Slalvok Trevor Spencer & Bill Baggs The Makers Makers 3 June 2022
Sam Myers Trevor Spencer P.R.O.B.E.: New Companions Giles 9 June 2022
Babylon's Own Personal Hell Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape 16 June 2022
Giles - The Beginning Bill Baggs P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Liz Shaw 8 August 2022
Maker's Wish: Ticket To Ride Trevor Spencer The Makers Makers 17 August 2022
Brother's Keeper Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape 22 August 2022
Curse of the Cyberons Chris McAuley Cyberon/Dracula Cyberon Controller, 26 August 2022
The Weapon and the Warrior John Peel Cyberon/Dracula Cyberon Controller 11 Septemer 2022
The Vault Bill Baggs The Time Detectives 23 September 2022
A Whisper in the Darkness Chris McAuley & Dacre Stoker Dracula 19 October 2022
Unwanted Guest Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape 4 December 2022
Lilith Fades
First Case Bill Baggs P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Liz 19 December 2022
Bold Giles, Bayliss 26 December 2022
The Forbidden Act Chris McAuley Dracula 6 January 2023
Guardian At The Gate P.R.O.B.E., H. P. Lovecraft Giles 29 March 2023
Dracula: Origins Dracula 8 May 2023
The Sorceress of the Nile 27 May 2023
Terror Under the Rue Morgue 10 June 2023
First Contact Dark Legacies 3 July 2023
Oblation Grant Foxon Chaos Theory 7 July 2023

Season 7[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Lilium Saga - ACTS I-III Trevor Spencer Hellscape 7 July 2023

Behind the scenes[]


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