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Audio Adventures in Time & Space, originally just Adventures in Time and Space, was a record label and umbrella title for several subseries of audios with varying levels of legal and narrative ties to the Doctor Who universe.


Name origins[]

It is somewhat unclear when the name originated, or who devised it. Certainly it was coined by the fan group, Audio Visuals, in the mid-1980s. It did not appear on AV covers until the second, 1986 season — though re-issues of the first, 1984 season bore the label retroactively. As the original AV producer, Bill Baggs was certainly in a position to have conceived the name, but it's uncertain that he did. In any case, Baggs began using the title in the late 1990s as the main label for his BBV Productions audio plays. Indeed, several BBV releases were based on old AV plays, and there was a great deal of staff crossover between the two groups. When Baggs co-opted the name, he added the word "Audio" before "Adventures in Time and Space" for clarity, since he had a thriving line of videos at the time.

BBV usage[]

Audio Adventures in Time & Space was a label used by BBV from 1998 to 2004. It referred to four "seasons" of audio output that featured a wide variety of characters, and indeed was comprised of several different series. Things like The Time Travellers, The Stranger, Zygons, Sontarans, Adventures in a Pocket Universe and others were all released under the label. The fourth season used a radically re-designed cover template which removed the "Audio Adventures in Time & Space" label from the front cover.

Although the overwhelming majority of BBV audio titles were released under this label, not all of them were. Notably the Tom Baker novel, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs, and the Richard Franklin story, The Killing Stone, were firmly not released under this label upon first release, although the 2021 relaunch of the series, now available for download on a revamped BBV website, included The Boy Who Kicked Pigs in its trailer for the Audio Adventures.

On 8 May, BBV announced the start of a fifth series of Audio Adventures in Time & Space, launching with a reading of The Door We Forgot by Bill Baggs, distinct from the previously-released Arcbeatle Press audiobook of the story.[1]


BBV used the label differently than AV. Whereas the AV Adventures in Time and Space had all featured the Doctor in an unlicensed, non-commercial context, BBV didn't have that luxury. As a commercial entity, they had to find some way of delivering a legal product for sale. They took two approaches to solve this problem.

First, they created approximations of characters from televised Doctor Who and hired the same actors to play them. Adventures in a Pocket Universe and so on. Thus a "season" could contain a highly eclectic variety of stories. Colin Baker was not playing the Sixth Doctor in The Stranger. Indeed, between the first and second season, the British Broadcasting Corporation had a stern word with BBV when they felt that the McCoy/Sophie Aldred output was getting too close to the Seventh Doctor and Ace. From the second season forward, therefore, all the McCoy/Aldred releases were relabelled The Time Travellers and their characters were decidedly distanced from their season 1 personas.

Second, they tried to get the permission of one of the original Doctor Who writers to use the species or characters that the writer owned. Most of these stories could then be marketed as taking place within the DWU. The cover to The Choice, for instance, quite legally claims that it is the "return of K9", since permission was obtained from Dave Martin and Bob Baker.

It is only the second type of story that this wiki makes an attempt to cover. However, it is worth noting that the whole of the series was advertised as coming "from the Worlds of Doctor Who"; while only some stories had a legal link to "prove" it, the intent was that all of them took place in the Doctor Who universe. While it might be odd to imagine the Professor and Alice existing, separately from Ace and the Seventh Doctor, within their universe, it is worth remembering that many characters over the years have been introduced who mimick recurring DWU foes while being distinct from them, from the 196Os' comics' Trods (Dalek stand-ins) to Iris Wildthyme's avowed in-universe status as a living parody of the Doctor.


Season 1[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
Republica Mark Gatiss The Time Travellers N/A 1998
Island of Lost Souls
Prosperity Island Tim Saward
The Left Hand of Darkness Mark Duncan
The Other Side
Guest for the Night Nigel Fairs
Cyber-Hunt Martin Peterson The Wanderer / Cyberon Cyberons

Season 2[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Last Mission Nicholas Briggs The Stranger Chronicles N/A
Eye of the Storm Arthur Wallis
Ghosts Nigel Fairs The Time Travellers
Vital Signs Tim Saward The Wanderer
Only Human Mark J Thompson The Time Travellers
The Choice Nigel Fairs Adventures in a Pocket Universe K-9 June 1999
Blood Sports The Time Travellers N/A
Homeland Paul Dearing Zygon Zygons, Skarasen August 1999
The Search Mark Duncan Adventures in a Pocket Universe K-9 September 1999
Absolution Paul Ebbs Zygon Zygons October 1999
The Root of All Evil Lance Parkin Krynoid Krynoids
Silent Warrior Peter Grehan Sontarans Sontarans December 1999

Season 3[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
Cybergeddon Paul Ebbs Cyberon Cyberons February 2000
Punchline Rob Shearman[2] The Time Travellers N/A
Old Soldiers Simon Gerard, Colin Hill Sontarans Sontarans
Infidel's Comet Colin Hill, Simon Gerard N/A
The Pattern Mark Duncan
I Scream Lance Parkin The I The "I" August 2000
Conduct Unbecoming Gareth Preston Sontarans Sontarans September 2000
The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind Pip and Jane Baker The Rani The Rani November 2000
Race Memory Paul Ebbs Wirrn Wirrn, Nerva Beacon February 2001

Season 4[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Barnacled Baby Anthony Keetch Zygon Zygons July 2001
The Eleven Day Empire Lawrence Miles The Faction Paradox Protocols Faction Paradox, Sontarans October 2001
The Shadow Play
The Green Man Zoltán Déry Krynoid Krynoids March 2002
In 2 Minds Iain Hepburn Rutans Rutans September 2002
The Quality of Mercy David A. McIntee Guy de Carnac
Sabbath Dei Lawrence Miles The Faction Paradox Protocols Compassion, Peking Homunculi, Sabbath February 2003
In the Year of the Cat April 2003
Movers Faction Paradox, the prison planet December 2003
A Labyrinth of Histories February 2004
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs[3] Tom Baker N/A

Season 5[]

Title Author Series Licensed elements Released
The Door We Forgot[4] James Hornby, James Wylder P.R.O.B.E. Giles, P.R.O.B.E. 5 May 2020
9 to 5 James Hornby Tasha Williams 15 May 2021
The Minister of Chance[5] Dan Freedman Minister of Chance
Eternal Escape James Hornby Dionus's War The Friend, Gulliver's Rest 6 June 2021
A Worthy Successor[6] James Hornby, James Wylder Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Dr Haggard, Archie
She Came From Another World![4] James Wylder P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Maxie
Call Me Ishmael J.T. Mulholland Dionus's War Dionus 23 June 2021
Memories of Tomorrow John Peel The Brigadier Adventures Giles, the Brigadier 28 June 2021
The Healer's Sin J.T. Mulholland Dionus's War Dionus 24 July 2021
What Happened in Manchester James Hornby P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Archie 28 July 2021
New Pastures The Brigadier Adventures Giles, the Brigadier 2 August 2021
Mr Saldaamir[7] Lance Parkin Faction Paradox: Rebirth Saldaamir 11 August 2021
Sabbath and the King Aristide Twain The War King, Sabbath 12 August 2021
The Fall of Shield Sentai Charles EP Murphy The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier 19 August 2021
The Beast of Stalingrad[8] Iain McLaughlin Erimem: The Audio Adventures Erimem
The Man Inside Bill Baggs The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier, Giles 9 September 2021
Me & My Ghost Dionus's War Dionus 1 October 2021
Broken Bonds James Hornby P.R.O.B.E. Giles 4 October 2021
Holmes: The Red-Headed League[9] Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes October 2021[source needed]
The Confession of Brother Signet Michael Gilroy-Sinclair Faction Paradox: Rebirth Faction Paradox 20 October 2021
Necessary Force Steve Lyons The Brigadier Adventures The Brigadier 15 November 2021
Prime Imperative[8] Iain McLaughlin Erimem: The Audio Adventures Erimem 25 November 2021
Churchill's Castle[8]
BBV's Cyberon[10] James Hornby Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Cyberon 23 November 2021
Force of Nature[11] Stuart Robinson & James Potter The Stranger N/A
Lucifer Trevor Spencer Faction Paradox/Hellscape 1 January 2022
Silver-Tongued Liars[6] James Wylder Cyberon/P.R.O.B.E. Giles, Haggard, Cyberon 15 January 2022
Maxie Bill Baggs P.R.O.B.E.: New Companions Giles, Maxie 4 February 2022
Translation John Peel The Brigadier Adventures N/A[12] 11 May 2022
B.E.S. Begins J.T. Mulholland Adventures in a Pocket Universe The Mistress, B.E.S. 24 May 2022
Maker's Wish: After Dark - Slalvok Trevor Spencer & Bill Baggs The Makers Makers 3 June 2022
Sam Myers Trevor Spencer P.R.O.B.E.: New Companions Giles 9 June 2022

Behind the scenes[]


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