Aubrey was the purser for the Fata Morgana. George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago thought he looked familiar. He maintained a sense of time by keeping regular meals. (AUDIO: The Flying Frenchman)

He joined Jago in gambling at Monte Carlo. He tried to stop Jago from losing too much money. When Jago went after Litefoot, he continued playing on Jago's behalf. He later went with Jago to Madame Diabolique's dark casino. (AUDIO: The Devil's Dicemen)

He told Jago that they were moored to repair some storm damage. He suggested exploring the island that they moored at. He announced that a passenger had been murdered. (AUDIO: Island of Death)

He helped in investigating a death. He was part of Fowler's expedition and was the one who stole a scared artefact. Fowler and Aubrey went after the beast. He sacrificed himself to stop the beast but didn't die. (AUDIO: Return of the Nightmare)

Parallel world[edit | edit source]

On a parallel world, a version of Aubrey saved Jago and Litefoot from the giant rat of Magnus Greel. (AUDIO: How The Other Half Lives)

He found out that Jago and Litefoot were from a parallel world. They helped them in the investigation of the fading body. (AUDIO: Too Much Reality)

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