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Aubrey was the producer of the Timothy Vee. After the debarcle of the riot that Mandrake started on Vee's show Henry Gordon Jago asked him to become the producer/dresser/stage manager for Those Were the Days in 1968. (AUDIO: The Age of Revolution) He later wanted Jago to meet Cliff Richard and possibly make Guinevere Godiva a main fixture of the show. He found that Jago was easily distracted. He told Jago that the Christmas special would be filmed at the Palace Theatre, before a set of toads entered the house. (AUDIO: The Case of the Gluttonous Guru) He helped to organised the first live show at the Palace theatre and told Jago that George Litefoot and Ellie Higson might be able to watch the show from row W not the Royal Box. (AUDIO: The Final Act)

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