Attic Padz was shown as part of The Sarah Jane Adventures Specials on the CBBC website.

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Mr Smith plays an Alien Invasion Game on his own screen. Then he makes a tour around Sarah Jane Smith's attic. He introduces himself and explains the things that can be found in the attic. Sarah Jane's Arcateenian communicator and the Verron puzzle box are described. Furthermore Mr Smith shows Sarah Jane Smith's, Clyde Langer's, Rani Chandra's and Luke Smith's desk.

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  • Mr Smith says that his sensors were fully occupied by a Sycorax ship. He further mentioned that the Sycorax were not coming to Earth that day and there was nothing to worry about.
  • Clyde had a drawing of Androvax, a Groske, K9, Maria Jackson, Luke Smith and the Rocket Man inside Sarah Jane's attic.

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